Indicators of Child Well-being


The data and maps provided here were developed as part of an ARC Discovery Grant (DP0664429) aimed at developing, assembling, analysing and disseminating small area measures of advantage and disadvantage for different groups of Australians.


The maps are organised within domains which synthesise common dimensions used in other Australian and international measures of child well-being. The dimensions used here do not represent an exhaustive list of domains - other possible dimensions for which we do not have any small area data at this stage include environment, behaviour, emotional/spiritual well-being, service use/access and subjective well-being. In addition, other sub-dimensions and indicators could be included in all dimensions.


At present, the maps provided here are based on data from the Australian 2006 Census, or on synthetically estimated data produced by NATSEM.


If you would like to provide feedback on these maps, or make suggestions about additional indicators or data please use the link below

“Suggestions re Child well-being Online Maps”


Material well-being

[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]

•         income (Census data)

•         motor vehicle in household (Census data)

•         parental joblessness (Census data)


Health and safety

[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]

•         need for assistance with core activities (Census data)



[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]

•         overcrowding (Census data)

•         tenure type (Census data)


Education and development

[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]

•         school completion/retention 15 – 19 year olds (Census data)

•         internet access (Census data)

•         type of school for secondary students (public/private) (Census data)

•         preschool attendance (Census data)

•         highest education level in family (Census data)


Family circumstances

[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]

•         blended families (Census data)

•         single parent families (Census data)

•         parent speaking language other than English at home (Census data)

•         household member with need for assistance in core activities (Census data)

Community connectedness

[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]

•         parental volunteering (Census data)