Indicators of Older Adults Well-being


The data and maps provided here were developed as part of an ARC Discovery Grant (DP0664429) aimed at developing, assembling, analysing and disseminating small area measures of advantage and disadvantage for different groups of Australians.


At present, the maps provided here are based on data from the Australian 2006 Census. The creation of this database was informed by an examination of conceptual frameworks related to older people’s wellbeing, as described in NATSEM online Discussion Paper No. 67.


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“Suggestions re Older Adults Online Maps”



[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]




Housing tenure


Labour force status



[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]


Unpaid Assistance to a Person with a Disability


Voluntary Work for an Organisation or Group


Unpaid Child Care


Internet Connection



[NSW] [VIC] [QLD] [SA] [WA] [TAS] [NT] [ACT]


Need for assistance with core activities


Number of aged care places